Teams Capture

Ensure compliance of employee and client conversations over Teams seamlessly in the background.

Capture Microsoft Teams from anywhere.

Capture one-to-one and group chats, audio and video meetings, files and more from any device that is logged into a Teams account with recording enabled.

  • Available globally
  • for Android & iOS
  • Cloud Storage as standard
  • Capture Teams on desktop

Capture the collaboration tool that powers your remote workforce.

Our solution works seamlessly in the background. Communicate over desktop, browser or mobile versions of the app with the confidence that all your conversations are being captured compliantly.

Real-time capture

Instantly capture messages, calls and meetings in audio or video and shared files in real-time across all devices.

Flexible recording policies

Select which users, departments or offices you need to record.

Recording disclaimers

Choose to show disclaimer information at the beginning of a meeting, tailor the message to your company requirements.

Fail-stop control

Automatically block access and use of Teams in the event of a technical problem.

Quick deployment

Configure recording from your central azure account, removing the need for individual user installations or app activations.

eComms advanced search

Benefit from advanced searching using keywords, metadata or other classification types used in our market leading communication surveillance solution.

Enhance compliance and oversight by staying one step ahead.

Protect native user behaviour.

Employees use Teams in the usual way which minimises the risk of non-compliance. Our unique approach to communications capture means that we protect the native user experience where absolutely possible.

Tamper-proof technology.

We capture directly from the cloud, which removes the need for an application on each device. This means the technology cannot be removed or deleted from the mobile device, ensuring end-user compliance.

Build your surveillance strategy channel by channel

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Are you ready to discover how Teams Capture can transform your global compliance strategy?

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