We solve communication surveillance through a single screen.

Our evolving product suite delivers end-to-end surveillance capability of any type of business communication, achieving full transparency of every negotiation from beginning to end.

Communicate compliantly over popular chat apps and capture everything instantly, with a seamless user experience.
Analyse and supervise employee activity across all channels used for business. Detect suspicious behaviour and mitigate risk of market abuse & misconduct.
Automate complex, precise trade reconstruction in a matter of minutes for compliance with Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, MAR and other global regulations.

As market practitioners we have always been acutely aware of market developments, and we work closely with market participants to shape our product development and innovation. We have made tremendous strides in consolidating surveillance technology within financial services and with an ambitious journey ahead, we are determined to deliver on our vision to redefine how financial markets, and all regulated industries, see and learn from their data.

Addressing key challenges in
surveillance and compliance.

Our expert team of data scientists and industry professionals make sure we deliver cutting-edge solutions to the market’s most crucial problems.

  • Surveillance Automation.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • A.I adapted for your business.

Our technology has been featured in

Trusted by Tier 1 Financial Institutions around the world.

VoxSmart has allowed us to resolve possible fraud cases much quicker than before thanks to its high simulation precision and automation capabilities.

A New York-based investment bank.

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Because it’s cloud-based, we don’t have to worry about on-premise maintenance and the VoxSmart team made installation quick and straightforward”

A London-based commodities broker.

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We’ve been able to reduce our communication costs and achieve full and fast compliance by integrating VoxSmart’s Mobile Capture to cover all client conversations over WhatsApp

A London-based law firm.

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The VoxSmart platform makes regulatory reporting far easier and so fast

A Singapore-based asset management company.

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