VoxSmart is a pioneering Financial Technology company helping rethink and reshape the way financial institutions leverage their own data to generate alpha, save time and manage risk.
Founded over a decade ago by industry veterans, VoxSmart has a demonstrable track record of developing innovative solutions to industry challenges.
Mobile Capture

Firms have a regulatory requirement to record every communication leading to, or intended to result in a transaction, even where one does not occur.

Enables Financial Institutions to be ‘smart’ by permitting compliant and native use of voice, SMS, and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Capture

WhatsApp begins to dominate trading floor communication as Bloomberg starts to become very ‘noisy’.

Developed WhatsApp capture for world's largest inter-dealer broker.

Communication Surveillance

Firms increasingly want one provider to capture, analyse and report on all their communications data.

Ingests, aggregates, indexes and analyses all voice and electronic comms channels like BBM,Mail, etc.

Trade Reconstruction

Firms have a regulatory obligation to reconcile and ‘reconstruct’ transactions and communications within 72 hours.

Accelerates any response to regulator request on a specific trade by automating the data linkage between trades, orders and related communications.

Data Insights

Organisations are struggling to understand and leverage the data captured from a multitude of communications channels. 

Ingests and structures trade negotiations, research material to drive better decision-making.

Transcription Engine

Previous ASR systems struggled with unexpectedly high error rates, opaque underlying language models and were built on unscalable technology, and hence were not adopted.

Many Voice and OTC Markets HAVE to maintain records of all communications and thus without ASR they are reliant on sales and trading staff to effectively ‘dictate’ conversations which clearly they will never do.

Scribe® is the future of ASR, radically reducing human analysis with unparalleled accuracy while providing the foundation for tomorrow’s technology, today.

Now leveraging breakthrough technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Automated Speech Recognition VoxSmart is uniquely placed to address the full end-to-end data capture/data analytics challenge.

Illuminate your organisation.

We built our platform with a singular vision: to transform how businesses see and leverage their communication data, seamlessly meeting risk and compliance needs across industries.