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Connect to anything, understand everything.

Communication Surveillance

Analyse and monitor employee communications, mitigate risk and detect signs of suspicious behaviour.

Any channel, anywhere

Supervise every channel, as standard

The smarter way to monitor communications and mitigate risk.

Vital evidence and insights are missed from monitoring phone calls, emails and chats separately. Detect signs of market abuse or misconduct by combining your voice and electronic communications surveillance to clearly track and monitor your workforce’ behaviour.

It's in our nature

10 years on trading floors with Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

It's time to start operating smarter. Save valuable time, money and resources with technology specifically designed for Capital Markets.

Never miss a call again

Guarantee 100% connection and analysis across eComms and voice: including mobile, fixed-line, chats, audio attachments, WhatsApp, WeChat, and SMS.

Radically reduce false positives

Optimise your surveillance program by analysing calls and emails alongside the conversation’s context, giving you more relevant results and higher accuracy.

Save time searching

Quickly identify and investigate relevant information including related communications, trades and counterparties.

Powerful speech recognition

Supervise and control more effectively using our state-of-the-art voice surveillance technology designed to handle low-quality audio and trader terminology.

Technology that evolves with your business

Our surveillance technology has been designed to evolve with your compliance strategy and adapt according to your business requirements.

three white boxes with three chat icons, red and green

Overcome language barriers

Navigating and communicating with a multilingual workforce can be tricky. Fortunately, we support over 20 languages.

three white boxes with circuit board

Custom connectors

Our engineers work with standard and tailor-made sources to ensure your data is ingested every time, all the time.

three white boxes with purple cloud icon

Moving to the cloud?

Our voice surveillance solution has been designed to deploy on-premise, in the cloud or both. The choice is yours.

Relavant data, only.

When it comes to communication data, context is king.

Stop market abuse in its tracks with powerful multilingual voice technology.

Monitor your voice comms in more detail, helping you prioritise based on the risk they pose to your business. Using over 100 years of financial market knowledge, our team has built the most accurate voice surveillance software on the market.

Make sense of unstructured data and understand your trading floor communications to supervise employee behaviour effectively.

Trained to detect trading terminology

Speech recognition powered by market-specific NLP

Enhanced with AI and Machine Learning technology

Content and context correlation for superior audio transcription

Conversations are multichannel. Why monitor them separately?

The use of multiple communication channels to close a deal is commonplace in financial markets. You must monitor accordingly. We ingest over 40 types of data into the same surveillance platform and analyse them within the context of their trade. This means you can clearly see how your deals were closed, in what conditions and whether anything looked suspicious.


of daily compliance alerts are made up of false positives.

> 50%

of case evidence is from voice, instant messenger applications and chats

13 of 21

market abuse scenarios require evidence in communications.

Over 80% of financial institution’s do not perform automatic surveillance of their communications.

VoxSmart Communications Surveillance uses the natural language processing to understand the context of a conversation. Identify the signs of market abuse efficiency and ensure that your firm is regulator ready.

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