Communication Surveillance

Rethink Surveillance with Financial Markets AI

Comprehensive, automated end-to-end communication surveillance across every communication channel.

Achieve total visibility across every communication channel.

Comprehensive end-to-end surveillance across every communication channel in one streamlined solution.

Voice Capture

Our comprehensive voice capture solution has been trusted on trading floors for over 15 years. Gain unprecedented control over your voice communication landscape and turn conversations into your competitive edge.
Comprehensive voice APIs
Market-leading transcription
Advanced Natural Language Processing

Digital Communications

Capture and analyse every electronic communication from financial chats to consumer instant messaging tools in a single platform.
Capture and review in full conversational context
Monitor in real-time
Data agnostic - connect to any channel

The smarter way to monitor your business communications.

We use a combination of AI algorithms to significantly reduce false positives and increase alert accuracy, using keywords and behaviors to help refine searches by employee, asset class, communication type and more.
10x more effective than lexicon only searches.
Clients see on average a 60% reduction in false positives after the first 60 days.
Minimal false positives.
Maximum insight.
Machine Learning techniques are applied to all communications (transcribed voice and digital) to continuously improve the identification of entities, terminology used and increase alert accuracy.
Smart surveillance that adapts to your business.
Our AI engine learns from your data, identifying patterns and anomalies to predict potential threats before they strike. Gain actionable insights into communication trends, employee behavior, and potential risks, allowing you to proactively mitigate issues and make informed decisions.
Illuminate your organisation with combined insight.
Our NLP acts as radar, detecting early warning signals for potential threats before they can escalate. Allowing you to make informed decisions and manage risk in confidence.
Get ahead of compliance threats.
Clear and explainable. See exactly how each alert was triggered, allowing you to validate findings, refine rules, and continuously improve your compliance strategy. Get ahead of risk with AI you can trust.
Fully transparent, explainable AI.
Purpose-built for Financial Markets.

We have a proven track record of solving complex challenges.

Proven on trading floors for over 15 years.


Supported communication sources OOTB


Of communication data processed per month


Clients globally including multiple Tier 1 banks



Communication Surveillance

Analyse all voice and digital comms in one, unified platform.

Convert your voice data into value with market-leading speech-to-text.

Advanced AI that captures every market nuance, empowering your business to make real-time, well-informed decisions.
Gain a competitive edge through faster, more accurate information processing.
Elevate your business insights by extracting value from previously unstructured data.

Reveal the true context of your communications.

Join leading global banks in leveraging behavioural risk models to monitor trader-counterparty relationships.
Ensure your client interactions are strategically aligned, whether through voice communications, turrets, or calls. Elevate your business with valuable insights, avoiding potential losses and enhancing client relationships
Confidentiality Breach
CAD  6S3S  9Y  15.25 / --
USD 30YR SPREAD -- / -35.75
Insider Dealing
Price Positioning

Take control of your communication data.

We have developed sophisticated search and policy functionality to enable maximum user flexibility and transparency. Users can easily review communications or listen to specific parts of calls while having full visibility of the content or context which has triggered an alert.
Bespoke Surveillance
Create your own surveillance scenarios in 7 easy-to-follow steps or build from pre-built scenario examples.
Pre-trained Policy Library
Designed by professionals in financial compliance, our pre-trained library covers a wide range of risk and compliance scenarios right out-of-the-box.
Full Case Management
Effortlessly add relevant data points: Communications, employee details and attachments and consolidate all crucial information within a case.
Advanced Search
Combine both lexicon (keywords used) and non-lexicon-based searches (behaviour related) and use these when building policies for increased alert precision.
Crystal Clear Controls
Have full visibility of how your surveillance algorithms and rules are working, so you and the Regulator know exactly how alerts are being generated to monitor your workforce.
Open Solution
Transform decision-making with accurate data points by seamlessly exporting into your business intelligence tools. Empower your team to gain valuable insights through our integrated solutions.
Go beyond compliance with smarter surveillance.

Illuminate your organisation.

We built our platform with a singular vision: to transform how businesses see and leverage their communication data, seamlessly meeting risk and compliance needs across industries.