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Maximize front office performance, drive better business decisions and ensure compliance with end-to-end Communication Surveillance purpose-built for Financial Markets.

Connect your workforce

Mobile Capture

Instant capture and archiving for calls, voicemail, sms and instant messaging.

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illuminate your organization

Communication Surveillance

Analyse and investigate employee behaviour in full context across every channel.

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Regulatory automation

Trade Reconstruction

Reconcile trading negotiations, customer complaints and more in minutes. Keep your firm safe with an accurate sequence of events.

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NLP for capital markets

Data Insights

Convert your communication data into value with Wall Street's most advanced NLP technology extracts combined insights across

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Next-gen Speech-to-text

Scribe® 2.0 Transcription Engine

Go beyond transcription with revolutionary speech-to-text. Redefine precision and fuel your next use-case with the same engine that powers our platform.

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We help regulated industries with complex communications challenges.

Our regulatory technology is industry-backed by leaders in finance, surveillance and risk analysis. We pride ourselves in listening to the market's problems and solving them.
I work in

I have a daily need to meet global regulatory requirements for mobile voice and text capture across different languages, regions, apps, devices and teams. From BYOD to Corporate Issued, I need to know our employees are monitored and their communications are being captured to avoid costly record keeping fines and reputational damage.

I work in the
Front Office

When I sit on the trading floor, I am inundated with market data. I probably miss more opportunities than I capture! I need to be able to extract signals from the noise, such as recognizing quotes, price information, and the intent behind conversations to contextualize the firm’s transactions and relationships. The ability to streamline massive amounts of data while also gleaning valuable insights using machine learning coupled with LLMs (large language models) in a robust AI tool trained on financial models is important to me because it enables me to generate more P&L, better manage risk, and improve efficiency.

I work in
Surveillance / 1LoD

As part of a global surveillance team I need a way to capture, review and analyze huge volumes of structured and unstructured communications data generated by our sales and trading desks. I’ve got all this data in front of me in multiple languages, in multiple formats, and across geographies, but I need a unified and aggregated view into this data and a solution to automate the process and eliminate false positives. We have an obligation to meet regulatory requirements for communication monitoring as well as self-regulate the business and manage any potential conduct risk. We need a tool that provides flexibility and control to meet these obligations.

I work in
Risk Management

For me, managing the firm’s regulatory risk is of critical importance. Whilst I have a good intraday view of market and transactional risks, I need a solution that provides a “rearview mirror” of all our historic trades, the context and the communications around those trades to fulfill my regulatory and reporting obligations. Attempting to do this manually, simply takes too long and requires too many people. Therefore, I need an automated and integrated solution where I can find the information I am looking for in minutes, not months.

Addressing key challenges in surveillance and compliance.

Surveillance and Data Consolidation

A wealth of communication data across multiple channels is generated by both small and large financial institutions. Without the means to efficiently monitor and analyze this data, firms are operating in the dark missing valuable insights and risk overseeing data violations and other suspicious activity.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations like Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and CFTC rules increasingly demand comprehensive reconstructions of trades and transactions from daily communications.

A.I. for Financial Markets

VoxSmart was first to market with a AI solution built for fin markets. With our acquisition of the technology in 2019 we became the leader in this space.

Trusted by over 100 financial institutions worldwide.

Illuminate your organisation.

We built our platform with a singular vision: to transform how businesses see and leverage their communication data, seamlessly meeting risk and compliance needs across industries.
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