eComms Surveillance

We worry about how your employees communicate, and where from, so you don’t have to.

eComms monitoring and analysis for a hybrid workforce.

Capture and analyse any electronic communication from email, financial chats or consumer instant messaging tools to provide context around any order or contract negotiation.

Our surveillance solution is data agnostic. We use intelligent surveillance to spot unusual or unwanted employee activity and flag this for review.

Perform all eComms surveillance under one roof.

Attachment processing

Scan text and audio attachments for any mention of price negotiation, company or client information.

Message threading

No more duplicate alerts on email chains, or group chats.

Close alerts in bulk

Select similar alerts to close together with one click from the alerts viewer.

Flexible workflows

Design your surveillance workflows to suit your business, control viewing permissions and each step of the escalation process.

7-step policy builder

Follow our guide to design bespoke policies from scratch, or build one using our policy templates to supervise employee conduct, information handling and other market abuse scenarios.

Intent detection

Identify early signs of suspicious behaviour or non-compliant activity before they escalate into greater risks to your business.

Add eComms with voice and specialise by sector.

Integrate your voice and text data.

Monitor all voice and text communications in one platform to achieve effective surveillance and compliance across your business.

Combined with our market-leading Voice Surveillance solution, we provide a comprehensive Communications Surveillance solution. Your policies can be multi-channel and multilingual, perfect for dispersed international teams.

Speech-to-text for capital markets.

Count on our in-house expertise in speech science for capital markets and regulation.

Our technology has been designed to meet the complex surveillance requirements of sell-side and buy-side businesses. Our financial language models accurately detect financial jargon, trade information and informal slang.

Our approach to eComms analysis:


An email looks different to a chat message and includes different information. We identify the differences and process each type differently.


We speak differently on each communication channel. We design a language model for each communication type to correctly understand the content.


Our technology has been designed to accurately detect trading and financial terminology. We also work with other regulated sectors.


Established behaviours such as the use of confidential information or breaches in code of conduct will help catch early signs of unusual employee activity.


Once all of your communications are ingested and analysed, you are able to search for additional context or missing communications to build a complete picture of any negotiation.

Are you ready to discover how eComms Surveillance can transform your global compliance strategy?

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